Library Policies

Computer Policy

In addition to WIFI access, the Elberon Public Library (EPL) also has for Patron usage 2 Laptops, and 2 ipads.  Electronic devices can be used for 30 mins at a time or 60 mins if no one is waiting.  At the discretion of the Librarian in charge, a patron can be placed on a “non-internet” list.  This will allow the patron to still use a device for typing assignments without the internet.  

Patrons may not play games with live chat such as roblox. 

Fee Schedule

Policy listing charges for fines, fees and services.

Copies/Computer Printing:

Black and White/ Letter size- $0.15 USD

Color/Letter size- $0.25 USD

Scanning to email:


Additional fees may apply, depending on the size of the job.


Overdue fines of $0.10 USD per day are charged with a maximum fine of $15.00 per item, except in the case of paperback books which have a maximum fine of $10.00 per item.  When a maximum fine has accrued, borrowing privileges may be suspended.  The replacement cost is charged for items lost, plus a handling fee of $10.00 if it is necessary to send a registered letter.  Patrons may not borrow any further materials until all fines are paid.

DVD Fines are $1.00 USD per day for each item overdue.  The Librarian will determine the charges assessed for damaged items.

Issuing Library Accounts

The Policy of the Elberon Public Library (EPL) regarding the use of the library facilities by non-residents has been to make no charge or require any fee by any resident of Tama County whether residing in an incorporated community or in a rural area.

All Iowa residents may sign up for an EPL Patron account free of charge.  To apply for a account, a patron will need:

  • Photo ID

  • Proof of current Iowa address

  • Completed registration form

With a new EPL account you can check out materials for a limit of 2 weeks.  However there is no limit on how many times you may return your item to check out new ones.  Also with your EPL account number you will have access to over 10,000+ copies of various material on the Bridges website.

Internet policy and others are located at the EPL for reference, just ask your Librarian!